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Let's Talk Cars with Jim's Automotive & A C

LETS TALK CARS is an opportunity for people to ask us about a problem their vehicle is having. Please take our responses with a grain of salt, however, as most problems require the vehicle to be looked at in person for a proper diagnosis. But we will try to at least steer you in the right direction.

So, with that, let her rip! And yes Jim answers these questions himself!

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I have the utmost respect for Jim and always recommend him, his work and his expertise to anyone who needs any type of automotive assistance, even for ATVs or WaterSports equipment. He is just packed full of knowledge and knowhow.
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He can build/re-build nearly anything ranging from simple Saturns to Ford Mustangs to import cars, even high performance "MUSCLE/STOCK" cars - this man can and will continue to do it all.
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