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10 Step Process

Our 10 Step Process of Service

A little about our 10 step process to make certain that you are at the right place for your repair.
  • We will start by listening to you so we make certain we are understanding exactly the problem you want repaired.
  • We may ask questions that do not make any sense at the time but will help us navigate quickly to the problem and save you labor charges at the end. And that?s a great thing!
  • We will sometimes ask if we can go for a ride with you to make sure we hear the same noises or feel the same problem and can make the correct repair
  • We will take all the information about your vehicle and give it to the tech who will handle the repair.
  • Then we start our exclusive diagnosis and inspection. We look over the vehicle top to bottom to make sure we find the root cause of the problem. As we go over the inspection, we will also let you know of any other repairs that you might need, to keep from causing this kind of headache again.
  • After doing a full diagnosis we will put an estimate together, distinguishing the root cause of the problem from systems and other recommendations that could cause future problems.
  • At this time we will contact you by whatever means you would like, be it cell phone, work phone, home phone or by texting. No repairs will start until you fully understand what the recommendations are and you are comfortable with the repair process and the cost involved. At that time we will also know the estimated time we can have your vehicle back to you. Only then will the repairs begin. If possible we will have pre-ordered the parts so the vehicle can be repaired quicker.
  • Only after your approval, will the tech be handed the repair order and go to work on your vehicle.
  • Once the repairs are complete, we will test drive the vehicle and make sure your vehicle has been repaired properly and rescan the computer system if necessary to make sure all is done and you are happy with the repair
  • At this time we will get in touch with you to let you know your vehicle is ready for pick up. If you need a ride, it?s part of our service. Just let us know, and we will come pick you up.
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    I have the utmost respect for Jim and always recommend him, his work and his expertise to anyone who needs any type of automotive assistance, even for ATVs or WaterSports equipment. He is just packed full of knowledge and knowhow.
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    He can build/re-build nearly anything ranging from simple Saturns to Ford Mustangs to import cars, even high performance "MUSCLE/STOCK" cars - this man can and will continue to do it all.
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